Tax Refund Centers at Riverwalk Outlets, Canal Place, & New Orleans International Airport are currently OPEN!

Refund Instructions


  1. Bring your passport or current official picture identification with you when you shop.
  2. Make sure the merchant is a member of Louisiana Tax Free Shopping (LTFS). Show the merchant your passport or a current official picture identification and ask for a tax refund voucher. Save the vouchers and the sales receipts.
  3. Redeem vouchers at LTFS Refund Centers: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, Canal Place, and or by mail.

The international visitor must make all purchases.

Louisiana Tax Free Shopping (LTFS) provides refunds of Louisiana state sales tax, and in some cases, local sales tax. Tax refunds are only available from retailers who are members of LTFS. International visitors with a valid foreign passport and roundtrip international travel ticket of less than 90 days duration are eligible for a sales tax refund.

The visitor will be charged full price including tax for his purchase. When making a purchase, the visitor must present a passport or other current official picture identification and request a tax refund voucher. Canadians may substitute a drivers license or birth certificate for a passport. Vouchers and sales receipts must be retained in order to receive a refund.

To redeem LTFS voucher(s) the visitor will present the following documents at any one of the LTFS Refund Centers:
1. Voucher(s) with associated sales receipt(s).
2. Foreign passport with current U.S. visa, if applicable.
3. Roundtrip international ticket of less than 90 days duration.

A refund handling fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Not eligible for a tax refund:

  1. U.S. resident aliens residing in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  2. Foreign students residing in the U.S.
  3. United States citizens living in another country.
  4. Dual citizens (United States & another country).
  5. Visitors in the U.S. for more than 90 days.

Refund Process

  • Cash refunds are subject to availability and refund maximum is $500.
  • Refunds over $500 will be issued by check and mailed to the visitor at their home address.
  • Redemptions made at CANAL PLACE & LAKESIDE SHOPPING CENTER will be issued a PRE-PAID Credit Card which can be activated immediately by the Visitor.
  • Approximate timeframe to receive your refund by check is 8 weeks.

To obtain a refund by mail

Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks for your refund to be processed. Send the original vouchers and sales receipts, copy of travel ticket, passport and visa, if applicable, and a statement stating why vouchers were not redeemed at any of the refund centers and where the merchandise is now located to:

Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Refund Center

P.O. Box 20125, New Orleans, LA 70141
Phone: 504 568-3605
Fax: 504 568-3605